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New Glamour

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The Tuesday Club are...

Andreas Vanderbraindrain: Vocalisation - Cracked, boiled in the bag and bruised by a life of self-taught insanity. AVBD conjures the words that explain both his and the TC's eclectic dark side. European fighting lager or a Bacardi Breezer with a cherry. Follow ...

The Minx: Sex Croon. A sexy 6 footer in her stocking feet, wields a cowbell with such clenched fisted precision, she's been known to induce heart attacks in both men and women alike… Definitely a bolshy(vic) Diva. Pint of Vodka and lime. Follow ...

The Beautiful Wolf: Sleek, silver, the Twang Bass professor. Floatingly creative butterflyesque but with no little sting from his silvery tail. The genius of Guinness.

Tittibar Telski:Drums and strong! focus - The Cock and The Rock of the band. Solid and sexy, never short of a motivational psalm … (despite suffering from terminal water retention). Strong European fighting lager.

Rogerio Marauder: Keys and Waving Hands - The new kid on the block. Does magical things with his hands. Creates that extra layer of 'noise' that give the TCs that extra richness of tapestry. Lager, strong and big.

J-Rod: 'The Kid', Jangle Lead. Transported to the TC's by the spirit of Eddie Cochran's limo. The Rod's distinctive 'hiccup/pick up' rock'n'roll counter plays beautifully with Wasabi P's heavy assault. Bottle of Becks.

Fabulous Glabrous: (Glabrous: Having a surface devoid of hair)... is the Thud Bass anchor of The Tuesday Club. Always on the money and strictly tea-total.(sic)

Wasabi Penis (or if family show, Wasabi Worm):The wielder of the Heavy Lead, Wasabi is a maverick of experimentation. His bleeeding guitar squeals and no little heavy intent are part of the TCs signature backbone. When pushed, lager or bitter.

The Biog...

The Tuesday Club could accurately be described as a fairly new band. This, however, is a huge anomaly! Born at various junctures between 1957 and 1984, the actual age range and experience encased within this mysterious 8-piece would put many of today's more established reformers to shame.

"It's all about the music. We are deadly serious about our commitment to each other, but that certainly doesn't mean we can't do it with a smile". continues front man Andreas Vanderbraindrain. "There's too much pomposity, too much sucked in cheek blue steel ethic, especially in London. The Tuesday Club just play for the love and the joy, we set our phasers on FUN and go for it, it's time for new Glamour ... and that's where our 6ft chanteuse The Minx comes in, darlin!"

The Minx doesn't say much but she stalks around the stage dressed to the nines in various uniforms, seamed stockings whilst tonking a cowbell ... mysterious indeed.

The whole band have a look and style that falls somewhere between The Rocky Horror show, Oh Boy!, Carry On Screaming, a BBC period drama and Dad’s Army. The Tuesday's certainly give off a refreshing air of who cares, which has got to be worth something in today's dark days of austerity and excessively skinny jeans!

- If Roxy Music were doing the Rocky Horror show, they'd sound like this - Steve Honest

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